Universal: AV Choice






High Frequency, Anatomically Programmed

AVChoice systems are equipped with an integrated tube stand and an anatomically programmed, high frequency generator providing a cost effective and time saving solution for the veterinarian who seeks maximum capability in minimum space.


Key Features


  • Integrated tube stand with variable SID
  • Angulating tube arm
  • Control console on swing out arm mounts to tube stand
  • Available with stationary, 2-way float or 4-way float table top

Standard Features

  • Welded table construction with 400lb load capacity and urine trap
  • Integrated tube stand with electric locks and variable SID travels full length of table
  • Angulating tube arm, angulation dial and operator handle
  • Electric table locks (on 2-way float and 4-way float table tops)
  • Foot activated exposure switch
  • 17 in x 17in grid cabinet with tube stand interlock
  • Grid: 10:1 ratio, 103 line, 34-44in focal range
  • Heavy-duty manual cassette tray
  • Certified manual collimator with built-in spare bulb and retractable tape measure
  • X -ray tube: 140,000 heat unit, 1.0-2.0mm focal spots with 90°horn angle
  • One pair 20ft high voltage cables, terminated both ends


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