Optima T2 Cr










Image Management Workstation V 2.3



OPTIMA-T2 Is A Complete Image Management Workstation That Provides Users With A Complete Set Of Tools To Acquire, Process, View And Archive Images All From One Workstation. It Has Been
Designed To Accommodate The Imaging Needs Of
Low To Mid Volume Private Practice Facilities.

OPTIMA-T2 Server

Image Acquisition:

Customized Menu Sets Are Provided According To Practice Specialties. Patient Registration Is Input Manually Or Via DICOM Worklist.

OPTIMA-T2 Server PC Features:optima-t2-pc
  • Customized Anatomical Menu Sets
  • Rapid Image Preview Display
  • Advanced Re-processing Functionality
  • Flip And Rotate From The Image Preview Screen
  • MFP (Multi Frequency Processing) Selectively Applies Varying Degrees Of Edge Enhancement For Improved Image Quality
  • FNC (Flexible Noise Control) Selectively Reduces Noise Levels Without Loss Of Image Sharpness
  • GPR (Grid Pattern Removal) Automatically Detects Grid Patterns, Then Uses A Two-dimensional Technique To Remove Appearance Of A Moiré Pattern
  • Security And User Restriction Features To Enable Technologist Log In And Log Out
  • Import Ultrasound Images (option)
  • Import General Purpose Images Such As Jpeg To Associate With Study
  • Import Patient Database Stored In CSV Format
  • Import DICOM Files
  • MWM (Modality Worklist Management) Provides Access To Both Patient And Study Information (option)

DICOM Image Viewer

OPTIMA-T2 Incorporates A Sophisticated DICOM Image Viewer That Allows Users To View Their DICOM Images. The DICOM Image Viewer Contains A Series Of Tools That Allow For Image Manipulation, Annotation And Different Image Presentations.

  • Window, Level
  • Pan
  • Mag And Zoom
  • Image Comparison Display
  • Measurement Tools: Straight Lines Or Angles Including Obtuse, Dual, Cobb And CTR (Cardio Thoracic Ratio)
  • Dynamic Measurement Display
  • Invert
  • Flip, Rotate
  • Display Up To 24 Images On One Screen
  • Free Layout Print
  • Customizable Toolbar Setting Based On User Preference
  • Reset Images To Original State
  • Re-process Images From The Image Viewer
  • Annotations: Text, ROI, Square
  • Annotation Markers


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