Double Emulsion Films



Fuji Super HR-U 30

WMI T2 Green

Fuji Super HR-U 30 Is A High Contrast, Orthochromatic Medical X-ray Film Used With Green Emitting Rare Earth Intensifying Screens. The Films Inherent High Contrast Coupled With Fuji’s Sigma Crystal Technology Provides Enhanced Image Sharpness Makes Fuji Super HR-U 30 An Ideal Choice For General Radiographic Procedures.

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Fuji Super HR-L 30

WMI T2 Green Latitude

Fuji Super HR-L 30 Is A Wide Latitude, Orthochromatic Medical X-ray Film For Use With Green Emitting Rare Earth Intensifying Screens. It Is An Ideal Choice To Capture The Greatest Amount Of Information In One Image.

WMI T2 Green Latitude


Super RX

Super RX

WMI T2 Blue

Fuji Super RX Is A High Contrast, Blue Sensitive Medical X Ray Film For Use With Blue Emitting Intensifying Screens. Fuji RX Is Ideally Suited For Use In General Radiographic Procedures With Either Calcium Tungstate Or Blue Rare Earth Intensifying Screens. Excellent Visualization Of Clinically Significant Information Can Be Obtained Within A Wide Range Of System Speeds.




Fuji New RX-U

Fuji New RX-U

WMI T2 Universal (Half Speed Blue & High Speed Green)

The Unique Design Of Fuji Super RX-U Allows It To Be Utilized As A Half Speed Blue Film With Blue Emitting Rare Earth Intensifying Screens Or As A High Speed Orthochromatic Film With Green Emitting Rare Intensifying Screens. Sigma LIC Grain And Crossover Technology Delivers Sharp Detail And Consistent Performance Irrespective Of Application.

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